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Closer to Nature Bottles

  • $ 2299

Tommee Tippee® Closer to Nature® - as close to breastfeeding as a bottle can be

Designed in conjunction with breastfeeding experts, the revolutionary Closer to Nature® Easi-Vent® teat mimics the natural flex, movement and softness of a mother's breast, to make switching between breast and bottle easier than ever before. The unique shape of the Closer to Nature® Easi-Vent teat encourages your baby's natural feeding action so that switching between breast and bottle becomes second nature. The Closer to Nature® 260ml bottles have been designed to be held in the most natural positions during feeding and can be held in 3 ways: cradles comfortably in the hand, gripped in the same way as a traditional wide neck bottle, held from the base; making feeding comfortable for both mom and dad.

Features & Benefits:
Teat designed to mimic the natural flex and feel of a mom's breast
Super-sensitive anti-colic valve
Soft natural feel silicone teat
Easy hold bottle with a slow flow teat
BPA free for total reassurance

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